The transition process for students leaving Primary School to embark on the journey to High School is led by the Department for Education (Dfe)

The year 7 to high school content on the Department for Education’s website has been refreshed, with targeted information available for parents, students and schools.

Step 1

Your child will receive an Information Pack from their Primary School which as Parents / Caregivers you complete and return the pack to the Department for Education.

Step 2

The High School your child has been accepted into, will send you an Enrolment Pack prior to Year 7 commencing.

Step 3

In Term, Transition Days are held so students get a “Taste of High School”. ​

Step 4

A Parent Information Night is held for Parents / Caregivers early in Term 1.

How to Enrol

Thank you for your enrolment enquiry for Bordertown High School.

Student Enrolment Forms is available from the school front office.

Prior to enrolment you will need to complete the following forms.  You can print these off yourself at home, or come into the high school front office and ask for an enrolment pack.

More information can be found in our 2023 BHS Information Handbook with relevant information relating to our School.

Year 9 and above, students are required to participate in our Laptop Program

We have a number of diverse learning programs for Year 7-12 students. 

Please ring to make an appointment to meet with the necessary Co-ordinator to complete the enrolment forms and subject selections. 

A tour of the facilities can be offered during this meeting.

Bus Service

Information coming soon.

Laptop Program

Moving Schools

The transfer process

The transfer process is when a parent applies for their child to change school or preschool at any time during the school year. To find out more information on the transfer process, please contact the school where staff can assist.

If a transfer can be accepted, the school the child is transferring from will make sure the new school receives all relevant information to help make the best arrangements for the child.

Students remain enrolled at their current school until the transfer process is completed with their new school.

Confidential transfer

The transfer process can be done confidentially to help parents and carers who are:

  • escaping an unsafe environment
  • reluctant to enrol their children in a new school if the previous school will know their child’s whereabouts.

These transfers are a way to help parents keep their children in school. The process was designed in collaboration with:

  • Office for Women (Domestic Violence Services)
  • SA Police.

For more information talk to your school.

Interstate transfer

South Australia is part of a national system of information sharing between schools that supports students when they move from one state to another.

When a student transfers, the new school will facilitate an enrolment and initiate the information sharing process. The new school can request consent from you to obtain your child’s information from the previous school using the interstate student data transfer note. This system enables the new schools to support the educational placements of new students.

Hours of Attendance

Information coming soon.

International Students

The school hosts a large number of exchange students from around the world, including the USA, Japan, Mexico, Brazil, Germany, Sweden, and Canada.
We enrol international students through International Education Services. These are fee-paying students who study here to gain accreditation which assists their entry into Universities in their own country. Bordertown High School is working toward expanding this programme.

For more information on IES click on www.internationalstudents.sa.edu.au

Term Dates and Calendars